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Hello, thank!!
>Who are you?
My real name is Mindaugas INDRIŪNAS (ミンダウガス・インディリューナス). You can call me Mindi (ミンディ).
My nick name is Inyuki. I may also be known as MInd, A4, ix4i, mimiinyuki, ミイ, etc.
I am a first year student of Physics in Vilnius University, Physics Faculty.
>Where are you from?
I am from Lithuania, Europe (N:54.41.26 E:25.12.49). I was born in city Vilnius, country Lithuania.
>When is your birthday?
My birthday is 1983-MM-DD HH:mm (local time these times..).
>What about your family?
My family is brother Tomas (1986), mother Vilija (1958) and father Arturas (1956). Father's father is Algimantas-Valentinas (1925). Mother's mother is Marytė (1934). My parents have divorced in 1994. My father has a new wife Jolanta. My mother has a new husband Antanas.
>Do you belong to any groups?
Yes. I belong to the Internet Society (ISOC)...
>What subjects you are interested in?
I am interested in Astronomy, Herpetology, Japan, Japanese language, Physics, Inventions, Optimizations, Chemistry, Computer, Informatics, Mathematics, Genetics, Psychology, Dianetics, Sociology, Management, Finances, Linguistics, Geniuses, Fukuoka, Project writing, Investing..