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>Do you have a pet?
No, but I have had a dog Džetė (1983-1996) of Jagdterrier breed. I have also kept a lizard (Lacerta agilis), a turtle (Testudo horsfieldii) and a budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus).
>Do you have any photos on the net?
Yes, you can view some here
>Can I see your photo?
Yes. I could attach it to an email.
>What about Astronomy?
Well, it started when I was about 2 years old. Once at home I happened to find a book ("ПЛАНЕТЫ СОЛНЕЧНОЙ СИСТЕМЫ / ЙОЗЕФ САДИЛ - ЛЮДЕК ПЕШЕК / Издателство АРТИЯ, Прага, 1967") of drawings of the imaginary horizons of other planets. There were stars above the horizons of the Moon, Deimos, Phobos, Pluto, satellites of Jupiter, Saturn etc. They suggested me that there exists a lot of un-explored worlds outside of the Earth. I became very interested in astronomy. I frequently asked my father and other people about these places. I asked myself "How far are the places which I see in the pictures?", "How big are the objects I see?", "How quick and how long are the processes I witness?".. What is the size of the Earth, Moon, the Planets, the Sun, the Solar System, the Milky Way... "How can I visit these places?", "How long does all this exist?", "How the black-holes are possible?", "How the quazars are possible?", "Is it really impossible to move faster than light in vacuum?"... I was most impressed by the numbers. I liked to compare the scales of the objects and processes in my imagination. I used to make simple calculations in order to compare them to the objects and processes I was familiar with. (For example, I knew that a man normally lives about 80 years. And I knew that the age of Earth is around some 4.3 milliard years old, which is 53750000 times more than a lifetime. I could then imagine a size of a poppy (about 0.5 mm = 0.0005 m).. and I could could think of 53750000 poppies in one line, which is 26875 metres = 26.875 kilometres. So one lifetime compares to the age of the Earth as a poppy compares to 26.875 kilometers.) I have visited the Molėtai observatory several times. I have been camping there too. I also belonged to a group of amateur astronomers in RMTKR ("Moksleivių techninės kūrybos rūmai", an organization for development of children creativity). I have read the books [...].
>What is Herpetology?
Herpetology is a science about animals like snakes, lizards, frogs, crocodiles etc. I was interested in it from 1994. I remember the first time I have been to Kaunas zoological garden and I saw a constrictor there. I have heard interesting facts about constrictors and snakes. I was interesting in poisons and the ability of a constrictor to swallow and digest animals as big as goat. I was interested in immunity to snake bite. In 1996 or so I have made a terrarium and an instrument for catching snakes. I wanted to keep snakes. I have kept a lizard (Lacerta agilis) and a turtle (Testudo horsfieldii). I have read these books about herpetology: [...].
>How come you are interested in Japan?
When I was a child, I had many toys. Japanese toys were the best ones. I heard people talking good about Japan and it is far country. So, I became interested...
I don't remember exactly when, but I remember that moment when in the kitchen I was asking my mother "Mam, o kas yra Japonas?" (mean "Mother, please tell me what does Japanese mean?"). I was a little boy of height less than 1 metre (I had to stand on tiptoe in order to see what is on the surface of the table (height 85.4 cm) .. my eyes should have been at the height of 74.9 cm when I stood not on tiptoe). My height at birth was 54 cm height by the way. I think that I was interested in Japan mainly because I was interested in high technologies and science. Many good products were /MADE IN JAPAN/... People talked good about Japan. I have read several books about Japan and I liked the described character of Japanese. Being that of 13 years old, reading these books I started to understand the meaning of patriotism, devotion and other values of a personality... I was also interested in Japanese language. So, these were the reasons.
>Why you are interested in Japanese language?
Mainly because it has Kanji and because it is the language of my favourite country. In 1997, a little time before I have started learning Japanese language, I have had read a book about arithmetics, where were explained various different number systems like binary, octal, hexadecimal..etc. (I even learned the multiplication table of the base 8 because I thought that it is the most suitable for humans due to their "random access memory" limited to eight objects at an instance). This led me to think that the greater number of characters in a language leads to ability to better memorize and "encode" things... Accidentally there were several more things that pushed me to learning Japanese. I have acquired a a book of collection of foreign alphabets from my neighbour as a bail (he gave me this book because he had lost my car model). There was an old hiragana and katakana. So I tried to learn to write hiragana... I have learned it to some extent by myself... But ther was another accident: once I had been thumbing yellow pages just for my interest and noticed that there is a Japanese Cultural Centre in Vilnius where I can take materials about Japan. ... I started visiting that centre and once I have asked where I could learn Japanese language. The person told me that I can learn it in the Oriental Centre in Vilnius University and provided me with the teacher's phone. I called the teacher and asked if it is possible to learn Japanese there... And in 1998-09-01 I have started learning Japanese langauge. Since then I have dedicated one summer for Kanji... My teachers of Japanese language were mainly Dalia ŠVAMBARYTĖ and 倉田眞木子. I am thankful for them. I have been learning Japanese until about May, 2001. I am still interested in Japanese language. There is an IRC community of Japanese langauge learning people in Lithuania. You can visit it.
>Why you are interested in Fukuoka city?
I almost don't know Vilnius. I want to have a city which I knew well..and I want to choose a city to live for... ..In 1998 I thought that my city could be Kitakyuushuu. But later I have acquainted with a person from Fukuoka and I promised in my heart that it will be Fukuoka. I mean I just firmly decided it. There are many other wonderful cities in the world of course.
>Why you are interested in Physics?
I am interested in Physics because I want to understand the reasons why and how the Universe exists. It's the main goal in my life which I formulated in early childhood. I think it is possible to understand why and how Universe came to existence. I think that the great discovery is in the very near future. I think that it may be 2010 or 2020 when this discovery will be made. And it doesn't matter who will make this discovery, it will be the greatest discovery in the world's history ever. It will answer all the scientific and philosophical questions.
>Do you think that fate exists? Yes.
>Do you think that time machine possible? No.
>Do you think that infinity is possible? No.
>Do you think that it is possible know the future with 100% certainty? No.
>Do you think that we will have the modeled movie of the beginning of the Big Bang in the near future? Yes.
>Do you think that there will be "the end of time"?
I don't know. Are numbers really infinite?
>Why you interested in chemistry?
Somehow I assumed that collecting all the elements of the Mendeleyev's periodic table somehow will help me to understand Universe. I collected elements such as Ag, Pb, Au, S, Hg, I (crystals), Fe, P, Zn, Cu, Al, C,.. and so on... Together with this new hobby I started collecting also the compounds. I have had compounds such as NaOH, KOH, H2SO4, NH3NO4, H2O, NH3, H3PO4, NaNO3, HNO3, HCl, HI, Ba(OH)2.. and so on. I also used to read the encyclopaedia about the compounds and elements. Later I have entered the 'club of chemists'. Because of the club I have even started a scientific research about hypericin (Hypericin is an organical compound, found mainly in the flowers, called 'tutsan' (Hypericum androsoemum). Hypericin is an antidepresant. As I remember, it costed about 80$ for 1mg of Hypericin. Hypericin is fluoresencent when it is exposed in ultraviolet light. I used chromatographic method of separating Hypericin from the extract of tutsan. The extract was alcoholic extract. The chromatographic absorbent was aluminium oxide. The burette (chromatographic tube) was made of silica (a type of glass). So that the ultraviolet could pass through the wall of the burette and I could see the flurescent Hypericin). Together with the club I have also been to the camp called "DEUM". It is a camp of ecologists near the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant. ... I had many happy moments with chemistry. For example, even at school, once according to a book I have created a liquid which luminates when it contacts with blood. It really luminate blue color in darkness in case you add some ions of complex iron, which catalyses the reaction. Once I found one brave class boy friend who managed to hurt his finger only to see the lumination...
>What about computers?
In early childhood when I was about 7 years old, my friend neighbour had a computer "Synclair", which he could program in BASIC. At the same time my father bought me a kind of game computer name "Hitex". We together with my brother and the neighbour liked to play these games and also tried to code. Later, in 1993 my father bought a laptop "VIDEOMATE". He let us play with the laptop. But he also showed some games written in QBASIC. I started trying to make changes in those games and write something of my own... Later in the school we learned to code with Turbo Pascal. I have little experience in C or C++. Thought I want to learn them good. Now I am mostly interseted in databases and web programs (written in PHP, ASP).
>Why you did become interested in psychology?
It's mainly because I realised that my memory is not perfect. I started searching for the methods to improve my memory. Later, after having read some books on psychology, I became interested in human's capabilities and in geniuses. I wanted to be a genius of course. I was interested mostly in motivation, imagination, memory, IQ and emotions.
>Why interested in linguistics?
My interest in the way language works started at the time when I was in the 12th form. We had a very strict history teacher and I had a bad time reading history because actually I forgot the historical background I learned in the earlier forms like 6th, 7th form thus making further reading and interpretation and understanding of history quite complicated. So I analysed other aspects of books. Esp. linguistic, semantic aspects. This led me to discoveries of what language really is: 1) Worlds are names of sets of objects sharing the same properties. 2) Every sentence or paragraph or book is not more than a set "A" of hierarchically arranged statements about the subject "B", which a book is dealing with. Language in its essence is not more than B:A. [...] I became interested in phonetics when I studied Japanese language. I have a challenge to optimize phonemes making the words both easy-to-pronunce and hard to confuse with other words. [...] My explorations of language grammar are based on my knowledge about hierarchical, relational and other data structures (like my model of NHFSD). I want to devise an optimal grammar using mathematical methods and existing mathematical logics. [...]
>Do you have any hobbies?
Yes. My hobbies are travelling, meeting new people, taking photos, swimming, skate-boarding, windsurfing, reading books, learning new languages, generating new ideas,
>What about windsurfing?
My father had been windsurfing since I was a little boy. When I was about 2 years old, I used to watch him windsurfing in the Dringis lake. When I was 12 years old, I spent all the summer trying to lift the sail and to windsurf. I had some success which let me keep going. It was like learning Kanji, but it was a physical struggle. There still are the videos of me, little boy trying to pull up the sail. .. Well, now I can windsurf and I like to windsurf in summer... I have windsurfed only twice this year. But I think that the experience is valuable and I will windsurf more in the future.
>What books you have read?
>Do you have a steady purpose in your life?
>Do you have planned your life?
>Do you have steady goals in your life?
>What do you plan to do in the near future?
>What is your income?
>Do you work or have worked to any organization or institution?
>Do you have a girlfriend?
>What software do you use?
>What do you want to become?
>What you will do after you finish University?
>Do you work while studying?
>Do you have a Japanese blood?

[wait, ... I will soon answer it]
>What music do you like?
I like this one: "Butterflies Instead - CLUEFREE".
>What is your favourite musician?
I don't have one.
>What countries/cities you have visited?
I have been to Lithuania (cities Vilnius, Kaunas, Švenčionėliai, Pabradė, Klaipėda, Marijampolė, Molėtai, etc.), Latvia, Estonia (city Tallin), Russia (Kaliningrad), Poland (cities Wroclav, Warshaw), Chek Republic (city Praha), Germany (city Stuttgard), France (city Lion), Spain (cities Barcelona, Malaga, Almeria)
>What are the people you have met or talked to?
The People I have met: